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Welle Mööblisalong

M-S 10-20 , S 10-19

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Welle Sisustussalong is an Estonian company that has been selling furniture and designing the most complex rooms for over 15 years, putting special emphasis on design and price-quality ratio.

Who would not be afraid to get cheated – to pay too much for the purchased goods or to risk getting a poor product in order to save money? The brand Welle Furniture Salon offers you TRUELY high quality and reasonably priced services. The furniture we offer undergoes the strictest quality control, and no matter what country we supply it from, you can always be sure that you are TRUELY getting quality products that will serve you for a long time. This is not an empty slogan – we offer a suitable warranty for all products!

Our selection includes over 600 sofas, 400 beds, mattresses, over 800 dining tables and chairs. Thanks to this, we help you to furnish your living room, bedroom, children’s room and dining room.

We represent such brands as Signal, Stagra, Weimann, Mebin, Merita, Stenpol.

Welle Mööblisalong