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Aatrium Sisustuskaubamaja

M-S 10-20 , S 10-19

0, 1. floor Open Floor Plan

The only representative store of Aatrium Sisustuskaubamaja is located in Järve Center. We are one of the largest and oldest interior design department stores in Estonia.

We will help you to furnish the living room, bedroom, children’s room, as well as the dining room and garden, balcony or terrace. You can find office furniture for both your home office and your workplace. We have a rich selection of lighting, carpets and accessories to create a unified whole.

Our selection includes over 700 sofas, 500 beds, 600 mattresses, 500 office desks and chairs.
We represent brands valued by home decorators such as Innovation Living, Woood, Tenzo, BePureHome, Sleepwell, Hypnos, Stroma, Lorena Canals, Narma, Sun-Flex, Eglo, Kare, Fanni K, Maku and Sessak.


Aatrium Sisustuskaubamaja