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Latest lighting trends

Latest lighting trends

Every two years, lighting manufacturers gather at a convention centre in Germany to participate in the Light+Building trade fair and demonstrate the latest trends in interior and exterior lighting. Below Ülle Jõks from Hektor Light shares her impressions of the fair with us.

Modern brick in a modern home

In Estonia, silicate brick walls have recently been featured in trendy entertainment venues, restaurants and retail areas. A trend that started in public interiors is now moving into the homes of people who have a taste for the modern, classical and rustic and natural. A silicate brick wall in an interior is bound to get a reaction – it’s a striking architectural element that brings personality to a room and draws attention.

How to choose the right bathtub

Many of us have surely faced or will face the question: how can we choose a suitable bathtub? There are so many options that it simply isn’t possible to come to an immediate decision! I hope my 23 years of experience in bath sales will help you out.

Fresh ideas and solutions for your home, garden and hiking trips

The spring issue of the interior design magazine of the Järve Keskus ‒ Idee & Lahendus (Idea & Solution) ‒ has been published, and the range of topics is wide enough for every reader to find something of interest and something to be inspired by. Let’s take a brief look at our spring issue, which is available free of charge at the Järve Keskus.

How to decorate a safe nursery for your baby or child

Pregnancy always brings about a desire to redecorate your home before welcoming a new member to your family. What advice could we give to parents currently working on decorating a nursery room for their baby or child? How can we make a good and practical choice that satisfies the family as well as the child for years to come?

Preparing your home for a baby

As I was pregnant and making preparations for welcoming my son home, I came to the conclusion that most products designed for babies are either too expensive, too “childish” or have a short lifespan. And so I purchased some things from Buduaar’s second-hand sales or crafted them myself after hunting for ideas online.

6 Questions About Retro Style

The name Diivaniparadiis or Sofa Paradise seems to indicate an exclusive dedication to sofas, but despite its name, Diivaniparadiis, provides stylish furnishings for every room in your house, from sofas, beds and mattresses to cabinets, drawers, dining tables and even garden furniture. Its selection also includes, for example, trendy retro items.